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Master Amir ((Ex Shiv sena Leader BALBIR SINGH)- interview


Live Correspondent: I request every Muslim to remember aim of his life and devote himself to preaching of Islam and not swayed away by revenge sentiments against anti Muslim elements. If Shiv Senik, Bajrang Dal, and other Hindus led by Bal Thakerey, Vinay Khatiar, Uma Bharti, Ashoke Singhal knew the true nature of ISLAM and Muslims then Babri Masjid would be never razed to ground. I am sure if they are convinced that Islam is their real religion they would welcome the rebuilding of Babri Masjid.

Q: Master Mohd Amir Assalaam-mu-Allikum A: Wale-kum-Assalaam.

Q: Master Saheb my father is pressing me hard for taking your interview for Armughan. It is good that you yourself came to see me today. A: Ahmad Bhai, I was keen to have my story of acceptance of Islam published in Armughan, as the series of interview of newly converts is very useful to encourage and help the mission of Daw’ah. This is a glaring instance of blessings of Allah. He has rewarded a culprit like me who actively participated in pulling down the sacred house of God. This is an eye opener for misguided pagans.


Q: Please introduce yourself and your family. A: I belong to a Village in Panipat district of Haryana. I was born in a Rajput family on 6th Dec 1970. My father was a prosperous farmer and also head master of a local primary school. He was a very good man believing in values of humanity and was dead opposed to any kind of injustice and tyranny. He had seen the horrible riots of 1947 and regarded the mass scale slaughter of Muslims as a grave national stigma. He helped a lot in rehabilitation of Muslims and paid special attention toward education of Muslim children in his school.

My personal experience is that the destruction of Babri Masjid could never have occurred if members of Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Hindu masses knew something about Islam, Quran, mosques and Muslims. I am convinced that if Bal Thakre, Vinay Katihar Uma Bharati, Ashok Singhal and like-minded persons possessed some basic information about these things then they could have never committed this shameful act. 99% of Hindus are now like my father and they believe in humanity and respect Islam.


I was named Balbir Singh. After passing high school, I got admission in intermediate college at Panipat. Probably after Mumbai, Panipat was strongest fort of Shiv Sainik. There I met many fanatic youths who poisoned my mind against Muslims by giving wrong and distorted descriptions of historical events. When my father came to know about my association with Shiv Sainiks,

he tried to pacify me and told me authentic stories of justice and good treatment meted to non Muslim by Babur, Aurangzeb, and other Muslim rulers. He explained to me at length the distortions made in Indian history by Englishmen to flare up bitter relations between Hindus and Muslims of India. But unfortunately all his efforts to keep me away from Shiv Sainik influence failed. I did not hear his advice of sanity.

Q: Please give details of your part in the destruction of Babri Masjid.
A: In 1990, I was given an important role during Rath Yatra of Mr Advani. The fanatics filled my heart with hatred and enmity against the Muslims. I took pledge in the name of Shivaji to go to Ayodha and pull down the structure of Babri Masjid from the premises of Ram Mandir. I was appointed Chief of youth wing of Shiv Sena and on 30th Oct. I along with my youth brigade went to Ayodha.
Police tried to stop us and at some places police opened fire on the violent mob of Kar-sewaks. I could not reach near Babri Masjid but my feelings of hatred against Muslim were intensified. Group of Shivsewaks, were outraged to see police bullets being fired at Ram Bhagats in Ram Janam Bhoomi. I was in great rage. Sometimes I wanted to commit suicide and sometimes I planned to go to Lucknow and shoot Mulayam Singh. Riots broke out in the whole country and I counted days for razing down the Babri Masjid. At last that day came. On 1st Dec 1992 I with my associates reached Ayodha.
There I joined Yogendra Pal, son of a Jat Zamindaar of a village near Sonipat; he was my bosom friend and came to Ayodhya with me in the teeth of stiff opposition from his father. We reached near Babri Masjid on 5th Dec and spent the night on roof of some Muslim houses.
All of us were impatient to start destruction of mosque. Last year on 30th Oct we were prevented from doing so. Now we decided to start Kar Seva, but our sanchalak stopped us and asked to follow discipline. Uma Bharti with her fiery speech flared up our sentiments. I took a pickaxe and climbed over the roof of the mosque along with Yogendra Pal. As soon Uma Bharti raised the slogan “Give one punch more and pull down the mosque” I struck my pick axe on the middle dome and raised slogan of JAI JAI RAM BHAGWAN.
After some time the mosque was raised down before our eyes. We happily got down and bowed our head before Ram Lallah. We bought two bricks of the mosque with us and showed them to the people of Panipat. The viewers praised us. The bricks were kept in Shiv Sena’s Office and a public meeting was held to facilitate the occasion. My name as the first Striker on the mosque was announced and I got big applouse. I told all this to my father who became very angry.

He was heartbroken and told me straight by that he could not live with me because of my shameful conduct. He asked me to leave the house because he could not tolerate a person who pulled down house of God. He also told me never to return home during his life time. I did not anticipate the degree of his rage and tried to tell him about my popularity and my active part in destruction of mosque. But he did not pay any heed and started leaving the house himself. But I stopped him and told that instead I would leave his house as I could not live with an anti Ram Bhagat person. I shifted to Panipat.


Q: Now tell us about your embracing of Islam.

A: My dear Ahmed Bhai. Allah was kind enough to bless me to come out from darkness of polytheism and terror and gave me perfect guidance. This was His great reward to a wrong doer who took part in the destruction of His house. One day Yogendra Pal took out bricks of Babri Masjid and invited Hindus to come and urinate on them. A big crowd assembled there and urinated on them with tormented glee. Now the Lord of Mosque showed His majesty and after 4 or 5 days Yogendra become mentally ill.

He became mad and always remained naked. He was the only son of respectable Zamindaar. He used to tear away the clothes of his mother and wanted to misbehave with her sexually. His father was very worried and took him too many Maulvis and spell charmers. He prayed to God for forgiveness and distributed alms but nothing worked. One day Yogendra Pal tried to molest his mother but the neighbours saved her and enchained him.
His father becomes so angry and exhausted that he wanted to kill him. Then somebody told him to contact a Maulana who used to come to a Madarsa in Sonipat Idgah. He went in search of Maulana. A shopkeeper told him to contact the Imam of a Mosque at Bawana where Maulana used to go regularly. Soon after destruction of Babri Masjid the Maulana made a speech there and told the Muslims that to some extent Muslims were also responsible for this tragedy. They failed to extent DAWAH to Hindus and did not convey them the teaching of Islam. He used to pray for them and made his mission to extend Dawah to them. Yogendra Pal’s father Chaudary Raghubir Singh approached IMAM of Bawana mosque and asked for spell or tawiz for his son.
The Imam declined to do so and instead arranged his meeting with Maulana Saheb. He told him that his son was suffering from torment of Allah and its only cure was to embrace ISLAM on appointed time. Choudhry Saheb along with naked and chained Yogendra reached Bawana to meet Maulana. He fell on his feet and told him ‘I tried my level best to stop him but this mean fellow under the influence of some mischief makers did this heinous crime. Please forgive him and save my family.” Maulana Saheb sternly asked him to get up and narrate to him the full story He said to Choudhry Saheb “Those people who destroyed the sacred house of LORD CREATOR had committed such a heinous crime that the entire world would have been destroyed by ALMIGHTY.
This man suffering is nothing for such a ghastly crime. But to some extent we the Muslims are also at fault as we failed to convey the teaching of Islam to the destroyers of the mosque. Actually all citizens of the country should pray and beseech forgiveness from our Lord.” He also asked Choudhry Saheb to do so. The Choudhry again fell on his feet and promised to follow his instruction and requested to cure his son. Maulana Saheb offered prayers and asked people to pray for Yogendra and his father. He offered some snacks to Choudhry Saheb. People coming out of mosque were surprised to see that Yogendra had covered his private Parts by his turban.
All of them were surprised but extremely happy. Imam Saheb reminded Choudhry Saheb to accept Islam. He warned him that if he did not so Yogendra Pal could turn mad again. He readily agreed and asked the Maulana to get him converted to Islam. When Choudhry Saheb was going to the mosque Yogendra said that he also wanted to become Muslim and work for reconstruction of Babri Masjid. Both of them performed WUDHU and were named Mohd Usman and Mohd Umar. They went back to their village and soon the news of their conversion spread in the entire region.
In a meeting some influential Hindus decided to kill both of them but this plan was leaked to the Imam of the local Mosque. They were sent to Phulat and from there they went for 40 days with a group of Tablighi Jamaat. Mohd Umar (Yogendra) performed three CHILLAS. His mother also embraced Islam and he was married in a good Muslim family of Delhi. Now they are settled in Delhi and running a factory. Q: Very Well. Master Saheb Yogendras’ story of coming to Islam is quite strange and interesting. Now please tell your own story.
A: Bhai actually that was first part of my story. On 9th March 1993 my father died. He was grief stricken at destruction of Babri Masjid with my participation in its destruction. He showed his anguish and despairs to my mother and wished to be reborn among Muslims to bear such tyranny. He had strictly forbidden my presence at his funeral and asked to be buried like Muslims. My mother acted on his will and informed me after 8 days of his death. This made me very sad and heartbroken. I began to realize that destruction of mosque was an act of tyranny.
Whenever I went to my mother she used to weep and hold me responsible for the death of my noble father and condemned me. Then I stopped going home. In June Mohd Umar returned from Jamaat tour and told me his whole story. I was already afraid of divine curse or torment and his story made me more worried and alarmed. Mohammad Umar suggested to me to meet Maulana Saheb at Sonipat. I met Maulana Saheb. who welcomed me warmly.
He said to me “The Lord of Lords can punish you with same treatment as He did with wrong doer Yogendra. Be sure if you do not get any punishment in this life you are doomed to horrible torment in the next world.” After pondering over an hour I decided to come to Islamic fold to escape from divine punishment. I requested Maulana to take me with him. We went to Haryana, Delhi and Khurja and then reached Phulat. On 25th June 1993 I recited Kalma after Zuhar Prayers. Maulana named me Mohammad Amir and asked me to stay for some time at Phulat to learn Islamic literature and know about prayers and other rites. A house was arranged for me and after three months my wife also embraced Islam.
Q: What happened to your mother? A: She was overjoyed to hear it and said that soul of my dead father would be happy. She also became Muslim after some time.

Q: What are you doing now?A�A: I am running a Junior High School with English medium and teaching Islamic subjects.A�

Q: My father told me that you are also associated with the rehabilitation of deserted mosques in Punjab and Haryana.A�
A: Yes, I along with Mohammad Umar pledged to rehabilitate deserted mosques and build new mosques to compensate for our ghastly act of destruction of Babri Mosque. We have decided to cooperate with each other. I would rehabilitate at least 100 deserted mosques and Mohammad Umar would construct 100 new mosques during our life time. Up to July 2009, 67 deserted mosques have been rehabilitated and 37 new mosques have been constructed. Our target is to rehabilitate one deserted mosque and build one new mosque on 6thA�Dec. every year which is the anniversary of destruction of Babri Masjid.

This programme is picking up very well and Umar Bhai is leading. Q: What about other members of family? A: My family consists of my mother and an elder brother who lost his wife four years ago. He had four children including a disabled boy. His wife was a nice and caring lady. Her death was a great shock to my brother. My wife looked after the children very well like a mother. My brother was very grateful to her. I suggested to him to embrace Islam. He was not happy with me because I had displeased and hurt my father very much.
Then I talked to my wife like this, “See our children are grown up now. You are looking after my brother’s children very well. He is heartbroken and leading a miserable life. If he accepts Islam and you agree to marry him, then I will divorce you and after Iddat you become his wife. Allah will bless this relationship.” First my wife flared up and did not agree to my proposal. But after discussion and persuasion she consented.
Then I started negotiations with my brother. Initially he did not like this proposal and said people would not approve it and it would lead to infamy of whole family. But I argued that the proposal is logically sound and ISLAM permits this relationship. Finally he agreed to become Muslim and married my wife after completion of the Iddat period. Now he is living a happy life along with his and my children.A�

Q: Are you still single?A�
A: No. On Maulana Saheb’s advice I married an aged convert Muslim woman and we are happy too.A�
Q: Do you want to leave some message for readers of ARMUGHAN?A�
A: I request every Muslim to realize his aim of life i.e. preaching of Islam to other human beings and not encourage the sentiments of revenge or retaliation. Ahmed Bhai, my personal experience has told me that destruction of Babri Masjid could never have occurred if members of Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Hindu masses knew something about Islam, Quran, mosques and Muslims.
I am convinced that had Bal Thakre, Vinay Katihar Uma Bharati, Ashok Singhal and like-minded persons possessed some basic information about these things then they could have never committed this shameful act. 99% of Hindus are now like my father and they believe in humanity and respect Islam. My father died as a non Muslim because nobody extended Dawah to him. I repent on infidelity of my father who did not get any preaching and pass sleepless nights in anguish. I had to take sleeping pills. AHMED: Thanks so much. You are living like a true Muslim, and your life is an open sign to prove the truth of Islam.
Dhaka,2 January, ( //


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