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Ensure democratic, constitutional stability, PM asks Armed Forces


Live Correspondent: Terming the Armed Forces as the country’s symbol of independence and sovereignty, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked them to contribute more to progress of the nation and maintain democratic and constitutional stability in future.

“Our Armed Forces have earned name and fame on foreign lands by their honesty and professional efficacy. Bangladesh Armed Forces are contributing significantly to peacekeeping in various countries under the emblem of UN mission,” she said.

The premier added: “The success of the Armed Forces has heightened the image of Bangladesh. They will also have to play an important role in progress of the nation
and maintaining democratic and constitutional stability so that we could take forward the country’s development spree.”

The prime minister was addressing the graduation ceremony of the “DSCSC 2018-2019 Course” of Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) at Sheikh Hasina Complex of the college at Mirpur Cantonment in Dhaka this morning. Commandant of the college Major General Md Enayet Ullah delivered the welcome address at the function.

Ministers, advisers to the prime minister, parliament members, acting chief of army staff, chiefs of the Navy and Air Force, principal staff officer of the Armed Forces Division, vice-chancellors of different public and private universities, foreign diplomats and high civil and military officials were present. The premier said the Armed Forces are symbol of the country’s independence and sovereignty.

“Alongside the noble responsibility of protecting our sovereignty, the members of our patriotic Armed Forces are also making significant contributions to the fields of tackling any crisis and disasters, construction of infrastructures, socio-economic development, maintaining law and order etc,” she said.

“You have successfully completed this course by dint of your hard work and perseverance and this course will make you more confident in discharging assigned duties and in facing any challenge, more efficiently,” she said. The premier continued: “You all should be prepared to undertake higher leadership role … you all shall perform your duties with integrity.”

Spelling out the government’s steps for development of the college, she said the government has taken up projects to extend infrastructural facilities of this college.

Sheikh Hasina said the modern multistoried academic complex and other installations have already been commissioned that enhanced the training capability of the college. Besides, more such construction and development works have also been planned, which will further modernise the overall training structure of this college in future, she said.

Praising role of the Armed Forces in maintaining world peace, Sheikh Hasina said they are contributing significantly to peacekeeping in various countries under the emblem of the UN mission. About the DSCSC, the prime minister said the institution has been acclaimed as a unique military educational institution in the international arena.


The premier said the people of the country are now enjoying the benefits of development that took place in the last 10 years. “Once Bangladesh was known as a country of corruption, famine and natural disasters and today we removed that bad name … Bangladesh is now a role model of development in the world,” she said.

The prime minister said the government is adopting development plan so that the rural people get urban facilities in their village. “Our aim is to turn every village into a town and we’re working to achieve the goal,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the government is constructing a nuclear power plant in Rooppur of Pabna. “After finishing this power plant, we have a plan to set up another nuclear power plant in southern region,” she said.

The prime minister said the government has taken massive plan for development of road, river and rail communications. “To execute the plan our armed forces are cooperating us and for this I am thanking them,” she said. While talking about the construction of the Padma Bridge, Sheikh Hasina said the government is implementing the mega project with its own fund.

A total of 215 officers — 118 from the Bangladesh Army, 29 from the Navy and 23 from the Air Force — as well as 45 overseas officers from 19 countries — the USA, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Liberia, the Maldives, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Palestine, Pakistan, the Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria and Indonesia — were graduated this year from this college.


Dhaka, 8 February, (

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