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Cleaning campaign at JU


JU Live: Jahangirnagar Unit of ‘BD clean’, a social organization, conducted a cleaning campaign with a view to building up clean and germ-free Bangladesh. The activists of the organization and invited guests conducted this campaign to increase mass awareness at Thursday afternoon.

Students were gossiping sitting on the main alter of the Shaheed Minar and they made the whole area messy throwing peanut shells to and fro till at the just prior moment of starting the campaign. Later they left the place while the campaign began.

Reminding the motto of the organization ‘ei shahar amar, ei desh amar, poricchonno rakhar dayitto amar’, the university coordinator of BD clean Abu Nahiyan said, ‘We do not pay due respect the Shaheed Minar even in the month of language, rather, we are doing messy the Shaheed Minar area. It is a shame for us as a nation. We have to be more concern over cleaning matters. Otherwise, our dreams will not be fulfilled that we dream to see Bangladesh as a developed nation’.

Around 50 students from different departments took part in the cleaning campaign.

Dhaka, 8 February, (

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