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Rural Bangla

Activities of Humane street Children

  Live Correspondent: In the capital city of A�Dhaka many people live in densely populated slums. They sleep in huts or out of the street. Rural migrants flee abject poverty in the country side in the hope of finding a better life in urban areas. Families and communities often are separated, leaving an increasing number of children to grow up alone and in poverty. An estimated 3, 80,000... details

Govt expects complete wipeout of slums in 10 years

Live Correspondent: The government expects the slums to be completely wiped out in next years' time in line with its Vision 2021, senior secretary of the Finance Ministry Hedayetullah Al Mamoon said here today at a pre-budget consultation with children. "The government has a plan to make the entire country slum-free in next 10 years under the Vision 2021," he told a pre-budget consultation with... details