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An invincible youth: inspiration for others

DU Live: Differently able Chibol Shangma, is a brilliant and a flair student of University of Dhaka (DU), who is very familiar youth in the university campus. He is an abuzz member of many TSC based clubs including most famous Dhaka University IT Society and Dhaka University Band Society. When he moves in the campus sitting on a wheel chair, he always keeps a Ukulele in hands and likes to play... details

Teena��s death at Chinese internet addiction camp sparks anger

    IT Live: The 18-year-old had allegedly sustained multiple injuries, and the centrea��s director and staff members have been held by police, according to reports. The incident took place earlier this month in eastern Anhui province. China has seen a proliferation in so-called a�?boot campsa�? aimed at treating internet and gaming addictions. Some are known for their... details

Tale of Marjina, in her stiff life-struggle…

  Live Correspondent:A�A�Any person can achieve success in life with strong will force, hard work and firm dedication. Sometimes this tough world forces people to get into darkness, but if there is will and determination anyone can tire up all threads of hindrance and odds. Marjina Begum of Daulatdia in Rajbari district is a glaring instance in this regard. Marjina, who once was... details

young girl had the most wonderfully mature reaction after seeing armed police

This young girl had the most wonderfully mature reaction after seeing armed police for the first time in Hull Caitlin saw the men with "huge guns and huge smiles" just three days after the London terror attack A�Live Desk: A mum has shared her pride in her teenage daughter after she saw policemen armed with huge guns and, instead of being terrified, had an incredibly heartwarming - and... details

‘Authorities uncertain about swimming lessons in city schools’

Sagar Biswas: It was monsoon season; the entire beel was covered with red and white shapla flowers . Sajia and Abdul came out silently of their house and took the small boat of their father to pick shapla. Abdul hold the paddle while Sajia started collecting shapla on the boat with her small hands. But suddenly, the boat turned turtle being hit with a wooden log. The seven-year-old Abdul... details

Warning: Scientists find evidence of 800ft mega-tsunami (Video)

International Live: A�Scientists working off west Africa in the Cape Verde Islands have found evidence of a mega-tsunami that dwarfs anything humans have ever seen. They say the sudden collapse of a volcano around 73,000 years ago created an 800-foot wave that engulfed an island more than 30 miles away. They warn the collapse of volcanoes could be far more catastrophic that previously... details

Top 10 Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

International Live: he rains add more beauty to all the places, everything looks green and lively. A tour in the post-monsoon season is surely one of the best experiences. South India Tamil Nadu has several tourist places from temples, historical sites, religious sites, beaches, hill stations, rivers and so on. Among them, waterfalls are one of the prominent tourist attractions. Especially, the... details

Stand for your fitness

International Live: Working long hours at your workstation can spell trouble. Fitness activist Mujtaba Hasan Askari shows an interesting way to deal with itA�His head begins to throb as he stares at the files piled up on his desk. The pain slowly spreads to his arms, shoulder and back. Rajesh knows he is experiencing stress and having a problem coping with the pressures of daily work. Rajesh... details

litchi farmers happy with lucrative price

Rangpur Live: The litchi growers are now happy following excellent production and lucrative price of the most delicious, juicy and fleshy seasonal fruit that has already appeared in local markets of the northern districts. Though harvest of the high quality hybrid variety litchis will start after a couple of weeks, the ripe and half-ripe local varieties and some high yielding litchis have... details