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“Build Your Career On Pharmacy”

Tanvir Ahmed Rasel: Whenever I have learnt to realize about career, since than I have cherished a great desire to be a doctor. For implementing   my dream, I had given hard diligence on study. But due to the question leaked at great extent on medical admission test in 2015,my dream has almost broken like the house of cards and had to confession the self murder of the dream.
Going to face the university admission test,I have come to know a subject named Pharmacy that is a branch of medical science, Since than a ray of hope has grown on mind to be a pharmacist. I got chance several departments at different universities.  But I couldn’t put my mind on those subjects.   Finally my heart only responded to stay forward to see my name in the list of  Pharmacy department at Comilla University and shown the seeds to tone.
At present, Pharmaceuticals industry is one of the important basis of the economy of Bangladesh. Pharmaceuticals products of our country is exported in 151 counties of the word including America, England, middle east countries after filling the demand of people of our country  whichever is the main claiments are the Pharmacy graduated pharmacists.
Herein before,the honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina has declared the pharmaceuticals products as the Product of the year.The pharmacists deserve a lot of credit of whose achievement.
But it is a matter of remorse that maximum people of our country have no idea on pharmacy profession. The common concept of people about pharmacy as a course related on medicine shop.
 At present 12 public university including Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, Chittagong University,Rajshahi University, Comilla university, Noakhali Science and Technology University and many private universities open pharmacy courses.Maximum universities offer five your pharmacy courses for producing attendant watchman of healthcare pharmacists.
Pharmacists have a wide range of activities. Be graduated on Pharmacy, not being a doctor, there is a great scope to learn and to do research at a great deal on medical science.The main work of pharmacists is to manufactures, research, improvement,storage,  proper usage, marketing etc of medicine.
In hospital pharmacy,there is the great scope to provide health care service to the patient by consulting with doctor, nurse and patient. There is a great opportunities of the pharmacists to work with reputation at almost 300 pharmaceuticals industries in Production, Product Development, Quality Control etc departments in our country.
Pharmacists have opportunity to work at hospitals running hospital pharmacy as clinical pharmacists, pharmacy manage etc.Hospital pharmacists have a verities of activities. Such as-working with doctors and nurses and other healthcare staff for better treatment. Producing medicines when ready-made ones aren’t available, for example, diabetes, high blood pressure etc treatments.Quality testing and distributing medicines throughout the hospital.Hospital  pharmacists have to visit wards and patients to talk about medicines and dosages and the duration of dosage.
Pharmacists are dispensing medicines for patients being discharged from hospital.And finally they also supervisie  trainees and junior pharmacists.The pharmacists can also choose teaching profession in different public and private universities.
Over and above a large number of Bangladeshi pharmacy graduates are working with good name in America,Japan,Canada and many middle east counties.
Pharmacy education was first run in Bangladesh in 1964 at Dhaka university. Though many years have passed running pharmacy education in Bangladesh, our government still has no enough concern to Pharmacists.If our government take necessary steps for increasing the working activities of pharmacists, the healthcare service of Bangladesh will be improved at a remarkable way.
The friends  willing to build a potential and prosperous career on Pharmacy are welcome to this royal department.
qualityrxpharmacy. Tanvir Ahmed Rasel.
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University.
phone number :01933072325
Dhaka, 6 July, ( //MI

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