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Tahsan-starrer short film a�?Durbina�� releases March 16


EntertainmentA� Live: Popular singer-model-actorA�tahsan Khan paired with Nadia Khanam in a short film titled a�?Durbina�� which is waiting to be released on March 16.

Vicky Zahed, director as well as script writer of the film, said the film based on a love story of two youths come from the families of two different religionsA� in 1980s.

Toufiq Ahmed, Monsur Mustafiz, Sohan Babu and Ihtisham also have acted in the short film.

One of the songs of the short film titles ‘Mukti’ by Tousif and directed by Rumman released in online recently. The song has been praised by the listeners. Actor tahsanA�also sing a song in the short film.

Dhaka, 17 March, ( //AM

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