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Seminar on Liberation War Held at JnU

JnU Live: By publishing news of liberation war, journalists’ writings and their memoirs will be known to the young generation as a form. This will make the younger generation to know the true history of the liberation war. Speakers at the seminar on ‘Liberation War and Journalism’ organized by the Department of Mess Communication and Journalism of Jagannath University on Thursday.

In the meantime, Freedom Fighter and noted journalist Harun Habib presented the keynote paper titled ‘Liberation War and Journalism’. Vice-Chancellor Professor Meijanur Rahman said that the achievement of thousands of years of independence in the history of the Bengali nation is freedom. During the war of liberation the pictorial report was published in various media.

On the one hand, while helping to revive the Bengali nation during the liberation war, the report is still considered an indisputable documentary of history. Therefore, to give the true history of the Liberation War, the news published during the liberation war must be told to the new generation. Samakal executive editor Mustafiz Shafi said, “War Journalism” is sometimes accepted as yellow journalism. But local and foreign journalists have remained objective in spreading the news of Bangladesh’s liberation war in 1971.

At that time 8 Pakistani journalists, including Anthony Mascarenhas, brought the Pakistani government to write for them. But after observation, Mascarenhas ran away from conscience and went to London to report the massacre of Bangladesh in the Sunday Times newspaper. Besides, Daily Telegraph journalist Simon Dring and AP photographer Mikal Lio published the news and photos of genocide with the risk of their life. In the meantime, international newspapers, including ‘New York Times’, ‘Guardian’, ‘Sunday Times’, have been on behalf of humanity for the liberation war.

Mustafiz Safi also said that the famous journalist Harun Habib during the Liberation War, written by renowned journalists during the liberation war, their memoirs and liberation war-centric news were selected as book form. But young generation, including journalism students, will be known the true history of the liberation war. Former Chief Information Commissioner Dr. Md. Golam Rahman said that journalists were present in a lot of trouble before the liberation war in the sixties, the situation of East Bengal, the economy of Bengal, the discrimination, the discrimination system was established.

The position of journalists in democracy, language movement, six-point movement, 69 ‘mass upsurge, 70’ election was clear, and the final form of this movement is the liberation war. The continuous section of the newspaper and historically journalists who have performed the duties that are very important is very important.

Chairman of Mass Communication and Journalism Shah Md Nistar Jahan Kabir in the chai,   Assistant Professor Ananti Mehtaj gave welcome speech and lecturer Md Minhaj Uddin presented the programm.
Dhaka, 12 July, ( //MI how to buy cheap noroxin.

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