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Freedom of press in Bangladesh

yasmine bleeth now. Sajida Ferdous Irina: At present a question has been arouse that is there freedom of press exist in Bangladesh at all. Reporter’s without border has published world press freedom index 2018, like previously Bangladesh has ranked 146th place among 180 countries of the world. From this publication it has been explicit to us the freedom of press is declining in our... details

SJC is the absolute violation of Rule of Law

Abdur Rahman Tanvir: The full bench of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court declared the 16th amendment of the Constitution as illegal, affirming the judgment of the earlier decision of the High Court Division. By this verdict, the power to impeach Supreme Court judges remained in the hands of the Supreme Judicial Council initiated by the President of the Republic as enshrined in art. 96... details

‘Internet Life, Easy Life’

Mohammad Sajjad Hosen Roki: In Present world is called Internet age. It has many useful things. Internet sometime called The Net: Actually Internet is worldwide system of Computer network. A global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities consisting of inter connected network using standardized communication protocols. A�Robert E Kahn and Vinton... details

Obaidul Quader: A man of exceptional political career

Mir MosharrefHossain.Pakbir: MNA Feature Desk: ObaidulQuader, having a prolonged, prosperous and renowned political life, is a cultural-minded, kind, logical, sacrificing, straight-talking and honest person in his personal life. He is a leader with full of dreams of the welfare of the people of Bangladesh. When Bangladesh as well as Awami League was in crisis with Padma Bridge corruption... details

Why China and Russia are buying so much gold

Live Correspondent: The good news for gold enthusiasts is that China and Russia, the worlda��s No. 1 and No. 3 producers, are catching up to the big industrial countries in stocks of bullion in their official reserves. The bad news is that, on present a�?steady-as-she goesa�? monthly gold accruals, it will take China and Russia a�� No. 6 and 7 in the world ranking of global gold... details

Why Zakir Naika��s publicity mechanisms deserve

Live Correspondent: The deadly Dhaka terror attack, among other things, has unmasked the popular yet controversial Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naika��s dubious role in the radicalization of youth especially in Bangladesh. The 50 year-old Mumbai-based doctor-turned-tele-evangelist attracted wide media attention both in Bangladesh and India in the aftermath of the barbaric killing of 20 foreign... details

95th Anniversry of DU: The Musings of Dhabians

Lamia Mohsin: In every nation and across every generation the youth is the torchbearers of hope with spirits emblematic of zeal, energy, vigor and vitality. We dream the impossible, and we transcend boundaries, for we are indestructible, invincible. Time and again, the youth have contributed to the glorified and decorated history of our country and have been on the forefront with the bedrock of... details

Flexible Minimum Standards for Higher Education

Professor Ranjit Goswami:A�Two parallel forces have been shaping higher education globally of late. One is the move towards standardisation of higher education which can be observed both within the academic programmes of individual higher education institutions, or HEIs, and across HEIs in both intra- and inter-benchmarking exercises. The other is the idea of 'higher education for alla��,... details

Feminism And Dissented Voices

Lamia Mohsin: One of these days you will wonder how such atrocious incident can possibly occur in your city. In the city you live, that very familiar, 'glitzy', 'glamorous' metropolitan where you get roasted, aromatic coffee beans in some posh, upscale cafe or bistro, where material living standards have skyrocketed over the last few decades. But where poverty and financial affluence... details

Killing After Enforced Disappearance: Where is its End?

Md Saiful Islam:A�The tendency of killing after enforced disappearance has been increased tremendously in last couple of months. Recently two students named Abu Jar Giffery A�and Shamim Mahmud were forcibly disappeared at Jhenaidah on March 2016 for which law enforcement agencies are suspected by their family members. The following day after their disappearance, their family members organized... details

DU Central Library: A Dreamy Space for Career

Sheikh Abdullah-Al-Nokee:A�A�Dhaka University Central library is a domain of fostering the dream, a place of commitment to turn the ambition into reality. The impression of blowing over the moments with this library is as like as staying in the ocean of knowledge and wisdom. The collection of more than half million books, research papers and documents have enriched this library with the... details

Waste Management in Dhaka City: Civic Life Concerns

A�Md Shah Paran: A�Wastes are not new. Waste generation is rooted in the origin of Human Being. We, human being, are the main responsible agent of generating and managing waste. History shows that early humans simply dug a hole and buried their refuse and trash. This was an effective technique in that time as their generation of waste was relatively small. Even a few decades ago waste... details