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Disaster Management Framework Required for Thunderstorm and Lightning

Lamia Mohsin: As a disaster prone country vulnerable to a�?natural shocksa�� like cyclone, hurricanes and earthquakes,A� a strongA� disaster management framework is imperative forA� immediate response to such frequently occurring catastrophes. In a decade fraught with sustainability concerns, we need to be able to identify imminent threats posed by global warming and rising... details

President, PM for modernizing meteorological services

Live Correspondent: The World Meteorological Day 2016 will be observed in the country tomorrow like elsewhere in the world. The theme of the day this year is 'Hotter, Drier, Wetter: Face The Future'. President Md. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today gave separate messages on the occasion of the World Meteorological Day 2016 and wished the observance of the day a success. In... details

Waste Management in Dhaka City: Civic Life Concerns

A�Md Shah Paran: A�Wastes are not new. Waste generation is rooted in the origin of Human Being. We, human being, are the main responsible agent of generating and managing waste. History shows that early humans simply dug a hole and buried their refuse and trash. This was an effective technique in that time as their generation of waste was relatively small. Even a few decades ago waste... details

‘Save Sundarbans’

Live Correspondent: Speakers at a discussion meeting on Sundarban Day programme here today stressed the need to work together for saving the Sundarbans, the world largest mangrove forest. With the theme of 'Love Sundarban on Valentine Day,' Forest Department and different NGOs observed the three-day programme marking the Sundarban Day on February 14 that ended on Friday at Jatisangha Children... details

Bondhu Kalyan distributed water filters among slum dwellers

Live Correspondent: Philanthropic grouping of young professionals the Bondhu Kalyan has distributed water filters among slum dwellers in some areas of the capital city. It distributed filters as part of its mission to stand by the underprivileged people. "We have distributed so far 151 water filters in the slums mostly in Mirpur area in the past several days. Each filter will provide safe waters... details

26 killed as new earthquake in Nepal

International Live: A new earthquake and several powerful aftershocks hit devastated Nepal on Tuesday, killing at least 26A�people and sending terrified residents running into the streets of the traumatized capital. The 7.3-magnitude quake struck at 12:35 pm, some 76 kilometers (47 miles) east of Kathmandu, the US Geological Survey said, more than two weeks after a 7.8-magnitude quake which... details

Gold fish demolish species and habitats!

International Live: DumpedA� aquarium fish like Gold fish demolish species and habitats. Dumped pet fish are flooding Australian waterways, introducing diseases and scolding native fish. To finding the factA�RN Afternoons reports that, In large waterways, goldfish and koi can grow to up to 10 times the size of native species and compete with them for habitat and food. . In Western... details