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An invincible youth: inspiration for others


DU Live: Differently able Chibol Shangma, is a brilliant and a flair student of University of Dhaka (DU), who is very familiar youth in the university campus. He is an abuzz member of many TSC based clubs including most famous Dhaka University IT Society and Dhaka University Band Society.

When he moves in the campus sitting on a wheel chair, he always keeps a Ukulele in hands and likes to play Ukulele, Guitar and Singing song.A�ChibolA�said that hisA�favoriteA�song isA�anA�instrumental piece–whisperingA�prayer by Steve.

He participated in many events andA�deliveredA�inspirational speeches about his life and everyone made claps while he was singing inA�thoseA�events.


The indigenous (Garo) student now is studying in 6thA�semester in the Department of Sanskrit. He enjoys his life while he is striving to overcome his physical obstacles. He likes to to lead his life joyfully as well as general students peruse their lives in DU and everywhere.


His friends told that Chibol Shangma,A�changesA�our boring time to quiveringA�addaA�and gives us enjoyable moment, who can do any assignment spontaneously. If heA�getsA�any good opportunity, he will be able to meet the demands of authority.

ChibolA�Shahngma told that a�?I cannot mention any specific icon whom IA�follow, butA�I get inspiration from people who enjoy their lives inA�the very momentA�that could beA�challengedA�or enjoyable. Because I believe, everyone isA�anA�icon in their own life.a��18664192_639074632952086_7803798116447403742_n

ChibolA�running hisA�academicA�life pretty well with the love and support of his university teachers and department mates.A�ChibolA�said that his friends support himA�selflesslyA�but he prefers to go ahead overcoming any obstacles in the life.

The physically challenged student already visited seven districts including Mymensingh, Netrokona, Rangamati and Sylhet. Chibol shared that a�?I love playing computer games and watching movies of different languages and playing any string instrument such as guitar and ukulelea��.


a�?Future plan is becoming a successful man in wherever I goa��a��added Chibol. His friends believe that Chibol could be an icon for people with disabilities.


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